I explore the intersections of Humanity, Technology and the Mystical. Iā€™m an advocate, artist and academic. Founding member of JournoDAO, web3 community builder and yogini. I believe in empowering communities throughout the decentralization ecosystem by taking a contemplative, human-first approach to building.

Contact information

šŸ“§ [email protected]

šŸ˜ Mastodon: @[email protected]

šŸ¦ Twitter: @crystaldstreet

šŸ”— LinkedIn: @crystalstreet

šŸŒŽ Website: CStreet.Me

šŸŖž Mirror: CStreet.Mirror.xyz

šŸ“ Work experience

Director of Community | ConsenSys

ConsenSys*, March 2023 to present*

In charge of creating and overseeing the implementation of a multi-tiered Global Ambassador Program designed to empower web3 developers, creators and builders to help ensure that the foundation of the decentralized internet is fair, equitable and transparent. Duties also entail building a healthy and vibrant community in alignment with the ConsenSys brand that empowers builders to create innovative applications to support the Ethereum ecosystem and also provide a direct bridge between developers, end-users and the ConsenSys product suite to ensure that the needs of all internal and external stakeholders are in alignment with the broader web3 ecosystem.

Founding Member | JournoDAO

JournoDAO*, Network State ā€“ May 2022 to present*

Founding member of JournoDAO, an impactDAO focused on restoring sustainability to local media through decentralization and helping educate and onboard journalists to the web3 ecosystem. Iā€™m on the board of directors as the Secretary and I focus on holistic community building, marketing initiatives, grant writing/fund raising, education initiatives for NFTs, moderate and participate in weekly Spaces, podcast appearances and the day to day operations of establishing a holistic and powerful impactDAO.

Communications Consultant, Producer & Advisor

Self-Employed ā€“ 2008 - Present